Classroom and Educational Experience

I have always loved working with children. Since I was very young, my mom worked in day cares and a lot of times, I would go with her to her work and either help her, or play around with the kids. When I was old enough to work, I got my first job at the After School Program, an after school care facility that was run and facilitated in my elementary/high school. I have worked there for five years and I am still loving it.

Through the After School Program, I as able to help kids with any homework that they had from their day. I discovered my love for teaching while helping one particularly troublesome child with his math homework. I ended up tutoring him for a year while in the after school care setting.

Through my position I have picked up skills such as classroom management, explaining in words and examples at an appropriate age level, organization, and the ability to multitask.

While in high school, I volunteered at my church to help lead the junior youth group. Through that, I led discussions helped organize and execute games, and just have fun with the kids. I was able to build bonds with the kids that attended.

During my senior year of high school, I volunteered to help in the grade two classroom in my school. I was able to help students one on one with their assignments, reading, and general work, as well as work with groups of students in a reading group. I was also assigned marking and giving out oral instructions in terms of spelling tests. It was the best part of my day.

When entering the University’s Arts Education Program, one of my first semester classes was Education Core Studies 100. As part of the class, we were asked to do field work. I was placed in the 5/6 classroom of St. Gregory. I had the opportunity to organize a lesson plan teach and English Language Arts lesson. It was one of the greatest experiences in terms of my discovery of love for my future career. All of the students were so creative and it was just all around wonderful.


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