I Thought it Would be Easy

I was reading a fellow classmate’s, Mia Bell’s, blog post aptly named Blogging Is Hard. I completely agree with what she said. Blogging was something that I thought would be easy to do at the beginning of the class, but by now, I’m finding it hard to write even one post a week.

I find myself being very critical of the things I produce, whether it be a pice of my art, a song, or a blog post. I wish I could be more confident in what I write, but I think this make me think much more critically about the words I choose to use to get the message I want across; being critical is part of my artistic process. For me to create, I have to think, rethink, type it out, rethink, retype, and rethink again. It can get tiresome haha, but it really helps.

Do you enjoy using writing as a creative outlet? do you find it’s easier or harder to write at specific times of the day or week?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Patricia Cone
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 03:23:37

    I like the way you write. Your prose is concise and says much with few words. Keep up the good work.


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